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Distracted Driving now “No.1 Killer” on our roads

Distracted Driving now “No.1 Killer” on our roads

So another month goes by and as we draw to a close on August, let’s look at some of the hard work our Enforcement Officers and SGI have put in to make our roads safer.

At the beginning of August, the focus was on “Distracted Driver’s.” This type of violation has become the largest contributing factor in all road traffic collisions throughout Saskatchewan. The epidemic is now so bad, that is has surpassed Drink Driving as the No.1 killer on the roads.

President and CEO of SGI, Andrew Cartmell has a few keywords to motorists “You hear your cell phone ring or the ping of an incoming text, and it’s tempting to answer. Not only is it against the law, but it’s incredibly unsafe, so if you must send a text or take a call, pull over safely to the side of the road before doing so”

The statistics that support “Distracted Drivers” is pretty damning to say the least. Back in 2013, there were over 5,677 collisions related to Distracted Driving resulting in an unprecedented 31 deaths and 1,977 injuries.

Now, I’m going to be honest here and say, that whilst it’s tempting to look at my cell phone when it goes off, is it really worth it? Looking at the overwhelming statistics, I would suggest its best to leave your cellphone on silent until you get to your destination or maybe a gas station if you are on a long journey.

Ask yourself, would you be able to live with the guilt knowing that because you were texting or on the phone, you caused the death of an innocent victim? I know I couldn’t. So just think before you answer or glance at your cell phone. Better still; just turn your cell phone off or on silent. Are you really that important you would rather risk the lives of everyone around you?

SGI are doing their best implementing new traffic laws that many are upset about. Particularly those drivers who face vehicle seizures of seven days on a second or subsequent offence for cellphone use and seven days on a third or subsequent offence for driving without due care and attention.

Let’s get real here. This isn’t SGI on some wild crusade. It’s about making our roads safer for everyone who uses them, including pedestrians. The only people, who are making such a loud noise about this new law, are the ones who are guilty of the punishment. Not only will reducing the death toll be welcomed for obvious reasons, but fewer incidents means less claims. Less claims means lower insurance. It’s fairly simple really.

Do you agree or disagree with the new laws?

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