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Summers out, New school speed zone limits in!

Summers out, New school speed zone limits in!

With summer nearly over, AGI Insurance would like to remind drivers to slow down in school zones and look out for children on foot, bicycles, coming off buses and running out from behind parked vehicles.

For many of us that have children still going to school, on Monday, the new 30km speed limit in all Saskatoon’s school zones couldn’t come soon enough.

This won’t be the case for everyone; however overwhelming studies have proven time and time again that pedestrians (not even young children) are 5 times more likely to be fatally killed at 50 kilometers an hour than if they were hit at 30 kilometers an hour so it’s difficult to argue against the new legislation.

Let’s not forget, the new speed limit is designed to give motorists more time to react in such a densely populated area with young children and avoid tragedy.

Of course, responsibility doesn’t just end with the drivers. As parents we should accept it’s also our responsibility to educate children on how to safely cross the roads at all times. In particular, teach them to only cross the roads at designated areas, stop, always look both ways, wait for the school safety patroller to signal when crossing the road and listen carefully for any vehicles.

Drivers that are now caught speeding in a school zone can expect to see fines applied the same way as any other speeding offense. You would be fined for the offense and penalized three SGI demerit points.

As a motorist but more importantly a parent, please slow down and keep a watchful eye out for our precious little ones going to school.