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Here at AGI Insurance, it’s all about you. Your needs, your preferences and the things you value. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. That’s why we take the extra time to be sure we understand you and the things that matter to you.


Insurance is complicated, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it. That’s our wheelhouse. Our team of licensed brokers can lay out the options in simple terms, pointing out the pros and cons of the many choices available to you.


We know that you have a lot of choices about where to buy an insurance policy and that’s why we work hard to bring so much more value to the table. For all of us at AGI, what’s truly important isn’t just selling you a policy, it’s using our expertise to help you solve your problems. It’s providing friendly, efficient service. It’s making the human connections that matter. Being in your corner in tough times. Earning your trust.


Our goal, our passion, is helping you and your family achieve a level of security and protection that’s right for you. You should be able to live your life without worrying that the rug could be pulled from under your feet unexpectedly, disrupting your plans and goals. You should feel that you have a trusted adviser in your corner if problems occur. It’s about being a reliable neighbour. It’s about giving and earning respect.


Whatever protection you need, we can suggest the best options. We offer a full range of personal coverage options from the best insurance companies in the country. Here are just a few of the things we can help you protect: homes • condos • apartments • vacation homes • mobile homes • RVs • trailers • cars • motorcycles • pickup trucks • boats • valuables and collections.


We also help you protect important events, such as your next vacation, an upcoming wedding, or a planned event for your hockey team or community group, and don’t forget we can help with your business insurance needs too.


We’re a full service, independent licensed brokerage serving Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We’re family-owned and have been serving our local communities for more than five decades. Drop by our conveniently located office to meet us and to learn why more than 50,000 of your neighbours put their trust in us every year.

Did You Know

While weather-related claims are most common, fire causes the most expensive claims, accounting for nearly one quarter of the total claim costs in any given year.

Do you belong here?

Yes, if you want a friendly, plain-speaking, independent broker. AGI Insurance takes the time to listen and understand your needs. We’ll be there for you when you need us most!.

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Auto Insurance

Combining auto with home insurance can sometimes earn a discount. Call us to today to talk about bundling or other discounts that might be available to you.

Umbrella Insurance

Want to avoid any costly surprises from lawsuits or events that exceed your coverage? Talk to us about boosting your home and auto coverage through a personal umbrella policy.