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Saskatoon Boat and Watercraft Insurance

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For a land-locked Canadian province, we Saskatchewanians sure do like our watercraft. With more than 100,000 nearby lakes and rivers, why wouldn’t we? Whether your favorite style is sailing on Lake Diefenbaker, waterskiing on Last Mountain Lake, or fishing for walleye on the Churchill River, AGI Insurance can help you protect your boats and personal watercraft.

Our experienced brokers will be delighted to help you understand protection options, and find the right choice for your situation. We offer insurance coverage for a wide range of personal recreational watercraft, from Sea-Doos and Jet Skis, to motor boats and yachts and everything else in between.

If you have a motorized boat, you are required by law to secure a license, also known as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You’ll also need a license and registration for the trailer used to transport your boat.

Unless you have a bank loan that requires it, boat insurance is not mandatory. Adding coverage to your home insurance policy can be very affordable, and worth your consideration. Be aware that your home insurance will not automatically cover a boat, this coverage needs to be individually scheduled on your policy. Also, please note that if you have boat trailer insurance, it only covers the trailer, not the boat or the motor. Depending on the size, type, and value of your craft, it might make sense for you to have a separate marine insurance policy.

Typically, marine insurance (also called boat insurance or watercraft insurance) would cover physical damage to or theft of your boat; personal property that is on your boat; liability insurance to protect you should someone be injured while on your boat; and towing and assistance should your boat become inoperable. You’re covered for accidents that happen both in or out of the water. You’re also covered for damage to your boat caused by natural disasters.

Talk to us about Saskatoon boat insurance – we’ll make it friendly, quick, and easy to understand your protection choices.

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Did You Know

43% of Canadians went boating in 2016. Canadians owned about 8.6 million boats. Canada’s boating industry supports about 75,000 jobs, generating $2.9 billion in annual salaries and wages. (NMMA Canada)

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Yes, if you have a boat or watercraft for personal use and you want a friendly, plain-speaking, independent broker. AGI Insurance takes the time to listen and understand your needs. We’ll be there for you when you need us most!

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