Our office is open for in person transactions.  As required by the provincial government mask use is mandatory in all indoor public areas. We are permitting 6 clients in the office to allow appropriate social distancing.  Please call or email as most transactions can be done by phone. 306-384-2242 and email: info@agiinsurance.ca.  Thank you for being a good neighbour!

Renew Your Plates

We’re an SGI authorized license issuer – we make it quick and easy for you to secure a drivers’ license, plates and renewals for any of your vehicles.

AGI Insurance - SGI Plate Renewal Saskatoon

Ready for quick, easy SGI plate renewal in Saskatoon? We’ve got you covered!

AGI Insurance is a certified SGI Motor License Issuer with a 50+ year track record. Basically, we make it as quick and as convenient as possible for you to secure your SGI drivers’ license, plates, and renewals for any of your vehicles right here in Saskatoon.

What plate renewal Saskatoon services to you offer?

We offer a full range of Motor License Issuing services including:

  • Saskatchewan License Plates renewals
  • New Saskatchewan License Plates
  • Licence Plates transfers
  • Drivers Licence renewals
  • 24 Hour Permits, 8 Day Permits, Interprovincial Permits

What’s the easiest way for my drivers license renewal or my plate renewal in Saskatoon?

We make things easy. New plates require an in-person visit (by appointment during Covid19) but for most services, you can login to renew online, you can call us to renew by phone, or you can make an appointment to renew in our office. Here’s a breakdown:

  • New plates: in person visit to our office.
  • Licence plate renewal in Saskatoon: online, by phone, or in person at our office.
  • Drivers license renewal in Saskatoon: online, by phone (unless new photo is required), or in person at our office.
  • Permits: online, by phone, or by drop in appointment at our office.

What if have questions about my license plate renewal in Saskatoon?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about your SGI Saskatchewan license plate renewal and Saskatchewan drivers license renewal requirements. If you’re a new registrant, we’ll tell you what paperwork you need. And if you are using the online MySGI portal for the first time, we’d be glad to “walk you through” the process if you need help. If you are new to Saskatchewan, welcome! Be aware that you need to secure your Saskatchewan registration and drivers license within 90 days of your residency.

How do I renew my auto insurance in Saskatoon?

With your plates, you get standard Saskatchewan Provincial auto insurance. Typically, you’ll go away with $200,000 in Liability Coverage and have a $700 Deductible. For many people, that’s enough coverage. If all you need is efficient friendly service that gets you in and out with your renewals in the shortest possible time, we can do that. But if you want to talk about options that will boost your insurance protection, we can talk about that, too. We’ll be happy to chat about your needs and lifestyle so that we can recommend the best coverage for you at the best price.

Insurance can be confusing, but we make it our business to answer your questions with plain, jargon-free explanations of available options. You can extend your protection with a package that covers collision, road hazards glass, loss of use, and more. Or you can choose from a variety of options to lower your deductible, get hail coverage, or extend coverage to family members. We’ll lay it all out for you.

What are the benefits of using MySGI for plate renewal?

If you choose to renew online, MySGI is a great, user-friendly portal that offers a wide range of services and options. First time users need to set up an account associated with your email. Once you’ve done that, here are some of the available online services:

  • Conduct personal or company/group transactions
  • Update / change your contact information
  • Review your personal info, driver info, vehicle, info and notices.
  • Renew or cancel vehicle registrations
  • Purchase 24-hour and eight-day permits
  • Calculate registration and insurance rates
  • Pay plate renewal and annual licence fees
  • Book a road test for passenger cars, trucks. and motorcycles
  • Start an insurance claim or view your claim details
  • Replace a driver’s licence or ID card
  • Read, save, or print a copy of your auto insurance policy
  • Print vehicle registrations and Saskatchewan Safe Driver Recognition History letter